Welcome to Superframe

I wanted to tell everyone a little bit about the company and my passion for making indie games. I originally founded the company several years back because I needed to incorporate and wanted a brand that captured both the web design and indie games that I was creating. I have since separated my design services under a different name and you can learn more about that work here.

I come from a startup background and have seen firsthand the power of testing ideas with customers before building products and I am trying to apply that to indie game production. I have built complete games in the past and have a long history as a programmer and artist. My focus now is on prototyping ideas to better understand the kinds of games people want to play.

I like to make experiences, more than just videos and artwork and will be creating complete levels that people can play. Finding the right aesthetic is important, but this needs to also be accompanied by solid gameplay.

If you are a gamer and are willing to provide feedback, we would be happy to get you Steam Keys. We are also ken to play other people’s games, so if you have a demo, let us know and we will find the time!

Current Superframe Indie Games

We currently have two playable demos on Steam. Please visit them using the links below and give us a like and a wishlist!


An immersive sci-fi adventure with an emphasis on exploration and discovery

Vapor Run

A co-op combat racing sim set in a dystopian wasteland.

Let’s Connect!

You will see more of my content in the coming year, some things that are more developed than others. I will also be posting artwork, 3D printing projects, and fine art that I work on. If you see something you like or want to play, make sure to reach out on my website: https://superframe.media.