I’m Greg Bowen, the founder of “Geofile,” a social media platform dedicated to celebrating world cultures and supporting environmental conservation efforts. In an era where the major social platforms are all controlled by profit-driven billionaires, we offer an open-source, non-profit alternative. We understand your frustration with intrusive ads, and that’s why Geofile is different. Our only advertisements come from vetted aid organizations and NGOs committed to improving our communities.

At Geofile, accessible at https://geofile.org, we provide a safe and reliable space where you will have access to donation portals, a place to find events and protests, and a networking hub for individuals dedicated to positive change. With Geofile, you can connect with like-minded startup entrepreneurs and change-makers, all while championing cultural diversity and environmental causes.

Social media for change.

Here’s what Geofile offers:

  1. Cultural Celebration: Immerse yourself in the beauty of global cultures. Geofile is your passport to connecting with people who share your passion for cultural exploration.
  2. Environmental Advocacy: Join hands with environmental champions. Geofile is where activists unite to make a real impact on our planet.
  3. Non-Profit, Open-Source: We’re driven by a commitment to non-profit values and open-source principles, ensuring our platform remains free from profit-driven agendas.
  4. Community Resources: Access donation portals, event calendars, and networking opportunities to further your causes and projects.
  5. Advertising with Purpose: Our advertisements come from verified organizations dedicated to community improvement and environmental protection.
  6. Startup Networking: Connect with startup entrepreneurs and individuals focused on positive change.
  7. Long Format Content: Not only can you interact with people in your timeline, but we also offer tools to create long-format articles to share with the community.

We know you might wonder how Geofile sustains itself without corporate ads. It’s simple:

  1. No Large Advertising Budgets: We don’t have large advertising budgets, instead relying on grassroots efforts and word of mouth.
  2. Niched Space: We are niched and put all of our energy into our users.
  3. No Large Salaries: As a non-profit organization, we don’t have inflated salaries, nor do we need to answer to corporate interests.
  4. Donations: Part of our funding comes in the form of donations from vetted organizations and individual donors. These contributions enable us to continue championing cultural diversity and environmental awareness.

I invite you to explore Geo at https://geofile.org and join us in fostering a world where cultural appreciation and environmental protection flourish. Your feedback, engagement, and voice are instrumental in shaping the Geofile community.

Please feel free to share your thoughts, ask questions, or connect with us on our platform. Together, we can create a meaningful and lasting impact on the world.

Thank you for your time and support.

Warm regards,

Greg Bowen Founder of Geofile