The Problem We are Addressing:

Existing social media platforms have transformed in recent years. The promise of free advertising has resulted in monied interests taking advantage of once vibrant and well-meaning communities. Toxic users, fake profiles, corporate and political agendas often dominate our screentime, threaten our well being and the very foundations on which our societies are built.

Platforms that rely on timelines to interact do not encourage meaningful discussion and often exacerbate 24-hour news cycles and worsen the spread of misinformation and fake news.

Our Solution:

The Geo platform provides an alternative to social media companies that answer to stakeholders and corporate agendas. Turning the tables on companies that earn profit from user’s screentime, our app allows people to earn revenue from the content they create.

By providing for a network of like-minded individuals with the common goal of improving our environment, communities, and advancing the arts, we are creating a safe space for thoughtful discussion and professional networking.

With Geo, users can write and manage content and have access to other professionals where they can communicate using their timeline, private messaging, and custom content. We place a strong emphasis on equity with helping underserved communities as one of our primary goals.

Geo is a non-profit organization and our platform is open source.

Our Progress

We have been working to incorporate feedback from our partners and users. Some of the technical improvements include allowing users to password protect pages, security enhancements, the ability to draft pages and keep multiple revisions. We have also reworked the networking aspect of our platform and now allow posting links, videos, and images to private and public messages and user timelines.

The next phase of this project is to create a series of content pieces to demonstrate the power of the platform. Over the coming weeks, we will be collaborating with individuals and organizations to craft content pieces about the work they are doing to improve our communities. Any and all proceeds from this collaboration will go towards the causes that they support.

Our app is currently in beta and will go live on July 1, 2021.